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Tegaderm Aftercare

  • Tegaderm, a sterile, breathable, waterproof, germ-proof barrier to protect your new tattoo. Leave the tegaderm on for 3-4 DAYS do not lift it, change or remove it. ( Unless you are getting an allergic reaction to the adhesive please remove immediately)

  • The Tegaderm will protect your tattoo from infection, abrasion, irritation and contamination while it is going through the most important part of its healing. It will also protect your clothes, sheets, and loved ones from coming in contact with the excess ink, blood and fluid tat are the normal by-products of healing a tattoo.

  • You can perform all you usual activities (including exercise) while the tattoo is covered with Tegaderm. Be sure not to bump or rub your new tattoo excessively or do anything that will scrape or peel the covering off.

  • Showering will not affect Tegaderm; it is reasonably waterproof. You. can shower while healing. However, do not bathe or swim until your tattoo is fully healed.

  • After 3-4 days, remove the Tegaderm by carefully peeling it off your skin. Make sure the skin is taut on the opposite end of the bandage stretching the bandage away from your skin. The easiest way to soften the adhesive is to stand in a hot shower for several minutes and remove.

  • After removing the covering, rinse the tattoo thoroughly with warm water and wash, then rinse several times with anti bacterial soap and warm water. Gently work any excess material off the surface of your skin using the palm of your hand- while doing so do not use any wash clothes, sponges or brushes.

  • After patting your tattoo with a clean towel, the skin could be shiny and dry. For the next 7-10 days apply a thin layer of hand lotion. (use an unscented, colorless lotion (Lubidern, Jergens, Nivea, Cetaphil, Cerave, Aquaphor) when it feels tight, dry or itchy. Otherwise, let it air out and heal naturally. You might notice a few layers of flaky skin peeling, this is normal.

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